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Our mission is to help school districts and municipalities make the transition to lower cost clean energy.

Our team

Eric Graf


Eric started working in the solar PV industry in 2009 (before it was cool) as a general contractor. That business ended up being sold as a software company in 2012. From that point forward, Eric served in multiple roles as a product specialist focused on origination and finance, and founded a handful of companies in the energy industry.

Erik Brandenburger

Erik Brandenburger


Given enough time, Erik could build a utility-scale solar project with his own hands, but the urgency of Illinois’ energy transition will not allow that. Illinois’ pivot to clean energy warrants the partnership of veteran solar professionals. It requires the foresight to see the alignment of legislation, expertise, and progressive customers.

Abraham Bayha

Commercial Operations

Abe has a diverse background with 6 years of experience working in the solar PV industry. His experience spans solar sales, customer relations, project design, project management, and business development. Abe is responsible for system design and energy modeling at New Chicago. Abe works with our trade allies and customers to develop proposals that are clear, succinct, and realistic.

Jonathan Nelson

Business Development

Jon has served in sales and sales leadership positions with the likes of Lenovo, Wesco, and SolidWorks within the areas of electrical distribution equipment, hardware and software.  With over two decades of sales development experience, Jon has written the sales protocol for dozens of progressive companies as a sales process consultant.

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